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Smithville Community
Music, Art and Culture

We offer the community of Smithville, TX, and the surrounding area our services with curating, coordinating and executing community based music events and festivals featuring world class musicians and captivating performances. 

HEALING HISTORY: Race-Based Trauma

Jan 24th: "Race-Based Trauma"

From a historical context to current experiences

Facilitated by: Jerry Hawkins, Director of Dallas Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation (DTRHT)

Location: Jerry Fay Wilhem Performing Arts Center

Music Performance: James Robinson 

HEALING HISTORY: Bias in the Workplace

Feb 21st: Unconscious Bias in the Workplace (Microaggressions/Implicit Bias)

Facilitated by: Dr. Leonard Moore, VP of Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement at UT Austin.

Location: Smithville Rec Center

Music performance: James Robinson

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