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Our Ventures

Whilst I was taking this picture opposite St Pauls in London, a few people stopped to ask
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Coming Soon

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The Amani Room Lounge
A powerful trifecta of a music studio, a coffee house and a wine bar united into one beautiful space  designed to attract artists, thinkers, and visionaries, and cultivate creativity and community in the heart of Oakland, CA.

The Amani Room will experience a re-birth In the creative heart of Oakland,


Our new groove is a soulful, music-infused coffee house and wine bar offering pastries and charcuterie by day, and an elegant wine bar and Fancy BBQ by night. On deck most evenings: live music, poetry, and vinyl DJs..


Musicians are welcomed to book recording sessions in our world class studio, featuring the highest quality analogue and digital equipment, a selection of unique global instruments, and a hand-picked staff of talented music producers. We will also facilitate connections with industry experts that will help take your music project to the next level. 


We love a slower pace and time to connect, so we offer graciously comfortable seating and numerous couches, rustic wooden tables to collaborate around, low or natural lighting and of course, a vinyl soundscape of jazz, soul, classical, instrumental from our collection. Our guests are also welcome to bring their collections to spin while enjoying a cappuccino or a glass of pinot noir.  


We envision a place where artists and those inspired by art can commune and offer mutual support, drawing in and nurturing a community of musicians, creatives and lovers of innovative music and art.

Please JOIN OUR MAILING LIST to keep abreast of upcoming developments.

The Amani Room

Current and Past Ventures

Management for James Robinson, jazz and soul artist


​James Robinson is a widely acclaimed jazz and soul singer whose captivating and endlessly versatile voice conjures to the mind old-school crooners like Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, and Smokey Robinson, as well as contemporary artists like Prince and Bilal.


In addition to performing his own music in prestigious venues in New York and Austin, James has toured globally as the lead vocalist with jazz-, funk- and soul-keys legend and 11-time Grammy Award winner, Bobby Sparks.


James is currently recording his own album, is actively involved with several other artists' projects on an ongoing basis, and is now endeavoring to open his own venue and sound studio, 2AM Studios.

Please visit his webpage to learn more.

Image by John Matychuk
Pop-up jazz & soul room: small- or medium-sized events

We bring the intimate experience of a jazz and soul club to your restaurant, bar or business space. Our musicians are tenured, world-touring, and grammy-award-winning -- dedicated to the art of music performance.


We also host Zoom concerts with the same level of expertise in musicianship, visual appeal and sound production. We are committed to providing an impactful and memorable music experience for you and your guests.

Visit The Amani Room page to sign up for updates!

House Concert Venue

The Blue Room Supper Club, our flagship enterprise, is an innovative take on a classic experience: the venerable house concert.


Our boutique house concert venue, established in East Austin in 2017, was the original venture of Supper and Sound Listening Room Events, LLC. It has since been closed, but the spirit of The Blue Room lives on and will, in due time, be reborn.

Please visit The Blue Room Supper Club page to learn more.

Lush Life 2-25-2022 IG poster.jpg
A documentary and concert series

lush life is a live documentary performance series.

Guest documentarians & filmmakers take the live audience on a journey to explore the creative process & story of artists in collaboration, from the studio to the stage.

Please visit the Lush Life Live page for more information.

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Talent booking: local venues,
large events & festivals

We provide assistance with talent buying for venues or festivals looking to feature live music performances, either for residencies, a short series, or on a one-time basis.  We will assist with contracts, planning and logistics as well as provide assistance with securing vendors, visual artists, event coordination, and marketing and promotion.

Please visit the Smithville Community Music, Art and Culture page for more information.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
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